Marc Dandurand Interview

We just had a little chit-chat with another of our main man ; Marc Dandurand




age: 23
hometown: Montreal
home mountain: Mt Tremblant



how’s it going marc?

oh you know i’m pretty good


Marc on some C-rail in Montreal


how did your season go last year ?

My season was great last year. I probably did the most urban i’ve ever done in one season. Just about every rail we went to I got at least one shot, plus no injuries so i’m super stoked!


any highlight of your season ?

yah, the fact that we got away without getting any tickets all winter since we were kicked out of half the spots we went to…. and the two 6kinks we did were cool


Marc on some closeout rail


worst part of your season?

when the snow melted in march , it all went away so quickly


what can people expect to see from your segment in Deja Vu?

long rails !!! and lots of kinks


Check out Marc's full segment this fall in Deja Vu


best person from the brotherhood crew to film with ?

well i love larry (laurent-O Martin), it’s always sick riding with him, but i had a lot of fun riding with JS (aubé) he’s always stoked and is a lot of fun to ride with


JC the MC (JS aubé)


Favourite aspect in skiing?

in the park, trying tricks that no one else would think of and for urban; finding a rail and going on a mission to get the shot with your bros


which skiers did you look up to growing up ?

philou poirier, boyd easly, mickael dechenaux, candide thovex and David Crichton


Marc loves kinky rails


what are you up to this summer?

I’m working in the shop as much as posible to make some cash for this winter


and what are the plans for this winter ?

I’ll try to one up my part from this year


any shoutouts?

ya big shoutout to matt mcenery and all the guys from highland productions! also big shoutout to stanston skis !





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